Every year I hear stories about fellow hunters getting gear stolen from there hunting locations, from tree stands to trail cams. Nothing angers me more. To think that someone with the same interest and assumed passion for hunting, would actually steal another hunters gear right out of the woods. Not much to say other than, WTF.

I have an opinion about this. Simply put, ANYONE who steals another hunters gear or equipment is not at all a hunter. They are simply a thief and for lack of a better description, they fall into a category I call “scumbag”. There is just no way to sugar coat this. It should be described as what it is.

If you are reading this, and are a thief, may your upcoming seasons be filled with tag soup. No animals. No kill. No meat……nothing. It may not be this year, or next year, but make no mistake, you will get caught, and you will pay in some way. Who knows, you might just fall out of your tree one day. That would be settling, to some of us.

And, for those of you who have been a victim. Don’t worry. It will come around. The thieves will have their day. Until then……..keep pressing on and good luck this season!

– Geoff P.

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